Practicing Praxis, an occasional blog by Lisa Albrecht, 25 August 2020

My eye surgery was on august 11, 2020. In the midst of this never-ending pandemic, I had a hole in my left retina. I could not see well at all. Now, I’m working on patience, which is not easy for me.

I’m sitting up in my bed, with the Republican Party Convention on MSNBC. I do love Rachel Maddow. If only this is/was fiction… but it isn’t. Orange Man (as I call him) is the great savior! He’s saved our country with his timely response to the virus! (really?).

He’s the great patriot! And it’s those Democrats who are ruining our country. Taking away our freedom of speech! (really?) I did, indeed, watch the Democratic Party Convention last week, and even felt slightly optimistic about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Hard to believe that an elder middle of the road white man could make me feel positive. That’s a pretty sad statement.

Last night, members of the Orange Man’s family spoke. What a wonderful dude!
Defending many U.S. cities from “defunding” police departments! (Oh no…that includes Minneapolis!) A white woman who is head of the Republican Party proudly saying she’s a housewife… a regular gal! A married hetero white couple who defended their home (with guns) from rioters…many of whom were people of color! An African American Republican Senator (the only one) raving about how great Orange Man is. And former NFL African American football player, Hershel Walker, saying there’s no way that Orange Man is racist. He knows for sure, since he’s such a good buddy. And an African American cop… saying how wonderful Orange Man is for all cops. Christ was also prominent too as Savior of the Republican Party. It makes me so sad that there are so many wonderful and radical Christians who have to hear this.

Tonight, Secretary of State Pompeo will be speaking from the King David Hotel in Israel. That’s “illegal.” Government officials are not supposed to do that…Pompeo SAID THAT. MSNBC just announced that the Republican Party just cancelled another speaker, a woman who spewed anti-Jewish rhetoric, citing the Protocols of Zion, among the most anti-Jewish pieces of hate ever written.

The Republican Party is great at finding MANY people of color who support Orange Man. Another sad statement. He’s now pardoning an African American man on camera, smiling and signing a document I just heard Senator Rand Paul endorsing Orange Man. Surprising. And best lie that Rachel Maddow just reminded us about… Troops reduced all over the world, thanks to Orange Man. I remain stunned that there are so many people in this country who believe that Orange Man is making America great again. Enough for tonight.

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