Birthday Blog – april 3, 2020 – april 4, 2020

Birthday blog, apr 3, 2020…I’m 69 today and am having a “hermit birthday” (thanks Bev for naming it.)

I haven’t written in forevea!  It’s how many days of “stay at home” orders from the Governor?  Sorry, not a fact I actually feel like I HAVE to know.  Pardon my humor. Gottta still be able to laugh. Right?


Update…written on April 4, 2020 after an important call with Meg Wheatley and small group facilitators in Warriors for the Human Spirit….

Being a Warrior means to work on ego-less-ness. That’s not what I did yesterday on my birthday.  This crisis is not about ME. It’s about how to best serve those in need.  I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and I’ll get my social security checks….and down the road…whatever the federal government decides to send to me. I am not “unemployed.”  I haven’t done my taxes yet, but I will be able to handle whatever comes my way.  I will be moving on may 1 to Becketwood Cooperative in south mpls.  I need to be PRESENT for it and do it.  I need to be PRESENT for Pat, my partner, even though I can’t be with her. She too is blessed, and she is doing ok.  She a lucky one – roof over her head, food on the table, great staff at Cecilia’s Place and wonderful Grace Hospice caring for her.

Yesterday I ran errands, drove around outdoors and got shit done. I smiled a lot.  Today, I’m going to shower (since I can’t swim in a pool) and then go OUTSIDE to be with nature, though I live in Mpls, I can still walk around a bit.

I’m going to stop now and post this and write again in a bit.  It’s time to be of service.  I’m particularly willing to serve elders here locally.  What do some of us need to survive?  Please let me know.  I don’t want to do another zoom call to add to the “busy” list.  What will best serve us?  Hugs virtually to all…..lisa

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